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About Vita’s Hair Collection

Vita’s Hair Studio is designed to offer women hand crafted and custom hair addition options to manage hair loss and hair thinning.

Like many other women in both the US and abroad, Vita experienced seeing hair loss at a young among family members as result of Alopecia Areata (AA). Vita started her research into helping women who suffered from hair loss or thinning hair in 1995. It became apparent that there were many techniques available, including hair replacement prosthesis, and human hair extension methods which could help change the lives of women with hair loss issues.

Women who have experienced hair loss know the impact it has on their day-to-day lives. Others may not appreciate the effect such a condition can have.

For some women, wigs and hair pieces may be the most appropriate way to manage their hair loss. For others, using hair thickening products can be a manageable option. However, these approaches to hair loss may limit normal activities. Although distressing, hair loss can be managed with the right support and advice.

Vita’s passion and dedication to helping people with hair loss has resulted in a proactive approach to management options. She started the company in Washington, DC and has expanded to Greenbelt, MD.

Having received a great deal of interest from other areas, a new location is planned for New York City.

The hair replacement techniques and ultra fine hair extensions (Micro Density Hair Extensions) at Vita’s Hair Studio are designed to be semi-permanent and long-lasting. Thus enabling you to wash and style your hair as you please.

We hope you find our website helpful and that it inspires you to learn new ways of managing your hair.

Why Choose Us

Vita’s Hair Studio is specialists in natural hand crafted hair replacement and hair extension services.

Licensed Senior Cosmetologist, Master Hair Extensions & AdvancedHair Loss Specialist Vita, having over 26 years experience, the Vita’s Hair Studio team between completes over hundreds of natural hair extension and hair replacement services per year. For over 14 years in it’s Greenbelt, MD location, Vita’s Hair Studio is committed to offering a top tier, first class quality service to all of its clients.

We are Hair Extension & Hair Replacement Specialists
While the majority of hair salons offer a full range of hair services from roller sets to blowouts, Vita’s Hair Studio concentrates only on hair extensions and hair replacement services in a private environment.

Vita’s Hair Studio Is Accredited
Not only is our salon accredited, it is just as important to ensure the supporting salon staff is accredited, and of high integrity when dealing with clients. This is achieved by ensuring that the salon is registered and goes through a continued accreditation process on a yearly basis.

Elite Quality Service
Natural Results
Vita’s Hair Studio offers the very latest and most advanced hair extension techniques which produce completely natural results using only high quality, hand crafted materials.

When contemplating any form of hair extension service, the results are highly dependent on the technician’s experience and expertise. All staff at Vita’s Hair Studio are fully licensed, qualified, and completes bi-monthly continued education courses and yearly accredited. All of our services are backed by our guarantee.