Q: I have hair loss, hair thinning, Alopecia, and do not want to be serviced in front of other clients.

A: We understand the needs of our hair loss clients. At Vita’s Hair Studio, since 95% of our clientele is comprised of some sort of hair loss, we have private client suites, including a private shampooing and treatment suite within our full service salon.

Q: What length does my hair need to be to get hair extensions?

A: If you are seeking to only add volume to your hair, we are able to extend the hair without restrictions on length. However, if you would like to add volume and length, hair that is 6 inches or longer yields the best results. At this length, we will be able to provide you with very natural looking, undetectable human hair extensions that you can wear down, pull into ponytails, or even wear in an elegant chignon.

Q: I am experiencing hair loss and I do not have enough (or any) hair to get hair extensions, what do you have that will suit me?

A: We have several options for clients that are experiencing any form of hair loss and even Alopecia. During your consultation, we will consider a number of important factors to find a solution that is right for you. Each hair loss clients’ needs are unique, and therefore require a customized solution that is unique to your needs.

Q: Are you able to match my natural hair color and texture so that it looks natural?

A: Yes. With over 50 different colors, over 35 different hair textures, and lengths up to 30 inches, we are able to give you the perfect match that is very natural. With such a wide range to choose from, you also have the option of adding highlights, lowlights, or multi-dimensional color to achieve your desired style.

Q: How long does it take to get hair extensions?

A: Hair extensions can take anywhere from 1 hour to 8 hours depending upon how much hair is being added to your natural hair., and also the technique. This time frame also includes shampooing, complimentary deep conditioning treatment, the hair extension service, precision hair shaping and styling. An accurate time will be quoted when we schedule your private consultation. When you arrive for your hair extension appointment, we will be ready to service you. We never overbook. Also, your service will be rendered in a private area, therefore no one will be able to interrupt your service and prolong the amount of time you will be with us.

Q: Will hair extensions damage my hair?

A: The hair extensions that we provide are non-damaging to the natural hair. We have hair extensions that can be applied without the use of glue, heat, wax, or harmful chemicals. We offer many different types of human hair extensions and many different application methods, all of which are very healthy for the natural hair in the manner in which we apply them. We will never perform a service that will jeopardize the integrity of your hair.

Q: Will I be able to swim and excercise with hair extensions?

A: Yes. You will be able to continue with your normal daily activites with our human hair extensions.

Q: How soon can I schedule an appointment for a hair addition service?

A: We highly recommend that you reserve your appointment as far in advance as possible to insure that you are able to schedule your service for your desired date and time. Please call or email us for current availability.

Q: What types of payments do you accept?

A: We accept cash, all credit and debit cards including DISCOVER and American Express, and we also offer zero percent financing.