“I just wanted to write you a note to thank you for your kindness and compassion during my breast cancer treatment. From the very first visit to Vita for my consultation, I always felt you understood. You and your wonderful staff treated me with dignity and made me feel very comfortable. I can honestly say losing my hair was difficult, but you certainly made it easier. I will recommend Vita without hesitation.”

“This note is easy for me to compose because of my wonderful experience with Vita’s Hair Replacement. I am now going through my second bout of cancer, after my original diagnosis 3 years ago. I was devastated with my orignial diagnosis and with losing my hair due to chemo. At the time I was advised of a few hair replacement/wig specialzing firms (including Vita’s, but I decided to go locally.) The firm I went to was experienced and convenient and due to my health and mental condition at the time, I did not really investigate wigs or firms that provided them. Well here I am three years later and once again facing the entire ordeal that cancer brings to a person. When it comes to wigs, I have become more experienced based on my previous wigs from 3 years ago. The fact is that I was not happy with the feel, look, and color of my previous wigs but was just too caught up with the recovery process at the time to do anything about it. Since that time 3 years ago, I decided to contact Vita’s Hair Studio for hair replacement and made an appointment in anticipation of losing my hair once again. Although the issue of treating cancer takes its own path, that same path brought me to Vita. It is not easy to find the singular best adjective to describe Vita, so let me provide some that are appropriate: CARING – CONCERNED – COMPASSIONATE – KNOWLEDGEABLE – PROFESSIONAL. There are so many more that can be used and would be accurate. At my appointment, I brought my previous wigs. I did not tell Vita where they were purchased but right away she was able to tell me exactly what was wrong with my original wigs and what should be done and what would be done with the wigs she would provide. “The old ones were too heavy, not the right color or correct style. Vita and her very professional, dedicated, and talented staff have now provided me with not just a wig, but one that matches my color and cut/style of my own hair, and is so light in weight that I not only “don’t mind” wearing it for an entire day but it actually makes me feel great when I put it on and will let me forget about one of the impacts that cancer and chemo can have on a person. Vita and her staff (it is never easy to single out one person, but Barbara is also like an artist with cutting and styling) has helped me (and I have to believe many other clients) feel great and look great, whether it is looking in a mirror, going out for treatments, or being with family and friends. Vita’s Hair Studio is now like family and friends in my life, moving forward. I would recommend them to anyone and everyone. In addition, please feel free to have any prospect contact me as a referral or a person who can share other information.”

Very Truly Yours,


” P.S. Yesterday, I had one of my chemo treatments and 3 different women all made a similar inquiry to me; “That’s still your own hair, right?” They were shocked when I said it was a wig and I told them all about Vita’s Hair Studio and the people who make up the firm.”

“I can’t praise Vita’s talent enough. I came to her super anxious about having someone other than my usual stylist (of 8 years) do my extensions. She went above and beyond what I expected, and even gently advised against going for 22″ rather than 18″ until my natural hair can blend a bit better (i have a chin length bob). I respect her business ethic in choosing quality over making that extra $. As a person she’s super bubbly and chatty and is very good at making sure I’m as comfortable as possible (drink, magazine etc). She was also very patient w/ me the first time as I had a barage of questions since I was used to having a weave and was switching to a weft. It is WELL WORTH the drive for her talent. All the other stylists and the front desk girl in the salon have always been sweet to me as well, striking up a convo, handing me a new magazine etc. The color I see walking out of there is great too! They do a great blonde and I even have 3 girlfriends that drive there from Montgomery County and Virginia for their color (and extensions). I can’t wait to try them out for highlighted extensions when I go on vacay in a couple months. See you in 6 weeks ladies!”

“Thank you for the kindness, compassion and concern you showed me during my chemotherapy treatments. You made me feel safe and comfortable and I truly appreciate it. You made a big difference in the way I look with my new hair piece and the way I feel and I wanted you to know that.”

“Vita is absolutely hands-down-no-question the best stylist I have ever had! I knew from the first consultation that I would love Vita and I haven’t been wrong yet. I had fine shoulder length light brown hair with blonde highlights and I have always wanted to have full, long hair but have been unable to grow my hair long on my own. I was hesitant to try extensions because of my fears over whether they wouldn’t look real, cost too much, or be too much maintenance. However, after going through the process with Vita, I could not be happier. Vita spent 30 minutes with me at the consultation just talking to me about what I like/don’t like about my hair. She was VERY thorough with feedback on my hair and by the end made recommendations for a complete transformation – color, cut, and extensions to accentuate my features and find a better color palette to match my skin tone. She also walked me through each option for extensions and in the end, let me decide what worked best for me which I really appreciated. She was never pushy. I came back two weeks later and the process was a breeze! I also really enjoyed chatting with her while getting my hair done which was a pleasant surprise. I normally like to bring a book and read but Vita is definitely more than a stylist – she is a great advice-giver. When my hair was done I looked like a totally different person. Another one of her clients mentioned to me for the first time they feel really confident about their hair and I totally understand how they feel. I love the new me and I would have never had the courage to take the first step without Vita. I had a few questions/concerns about a week after getting them done (I am terrible with hair/makeup things) and I went back in and Vita spent time with me to teach me how to maintain, brush, and style my new hair so I would not damage it. She went more than the extra mile for me and I really appreciated it. In short, if you have read through this entire comment then you must be seriously considering extensions. I highly encourage you to take the time to meet with Vita and see first-hand what your options are and what the commitment is. She will transform you and create the look you have always wanted.”

“A long long time ago, well really only 6 years ago, my sister needed her hair done for winter formal. I called the nearby salon and asked for the best hairstylist they had. The receptionist said Vita and I booked my sister for that Saturday. From the time my sister sat down in the chair Vita was very professional but at the same time we felt like we were hanging out with a good girl friend. She listened to my sister and at the end of the appointment my sister looked and felt beautiful. Isn’t that what we all want from a hairstylist? After my sister’s stellar hair appointment, I booked an appointment for myself. After having another stylist take thinning shears to my already fine hair 4 years previously, I hadn’t had my hair cut or dyed in years. Needless to say, my hair was a mess of epic proportions. I was so nervous about cutting my hair but Vita was so sweet, understanding and again listened to me when I described what I wanted. I walked out of that salon with the best haircut and color I’ve ever had. Also, important to say Vita keeps up to date in her schooling in all new cuts, styles, colors and trends. Honestly, I’ve heard one too many horror stories where my friends go in to their stylist for one thing and get something else entirely (orange hair, bad extensions, bleached tips thinking it’s Ombre) because the stylist hasn’t been keeping on top of her education. In an industry where the style/ fashion are continuously changing, this is important!!! I know if I see something I like in a magazine or TV show, Vita knows what I want/ am talking about and executes it perfectly. For me she’s done all types of haircuts, highlights, color, Ombre, Extensions and I’ve always been very happy with the results.

To this day I get compliments on my hair and I’ve never gone to anyone else nor will I ever. She is simply that marvelous!”